With its varied hiking terrain through forests, mountains and marsh, Femund Engerdal is the pure paradise for hikers.
Head to one of our famous hiking gems or explore your very own. With everything from easy-to-track forest roads and marked trails to longer and more demanding routes, each one is set up.

Guided walking tours

Join a guided tour with a local guide.

Family friendly
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The mountain hikes

We have picked 21 peaks and tours that are worth experiencing. Take a trip to the waterfall in Bjønnskøra, or watch over the landscape from Vardberget. Here you will find trips for the whole family.

Family friendly


The Femundstien stretches for a total of 134 km from Femundsenden to Søre Osen. It is red marked throughout the road, and can be taken part by part or in full. Maps available for purchase at Destination Femund Engerdal.


In Femundsmarka National Park you can really experience the wilderness.

Open cabins and huts

Around Engerdal you will find open huts and simple cabins.

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