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Explore the places in Femund Engerdal. There are many different accommodations, places to eat, national parks and activities ready for you to experience.

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Bus / car

You can come by car, bus, motorbike, boat or plane. You can also get here on foot, by bike, snowmobile or skis

We have 5 access routes into Engerdal by car. From Trysil in the south, From Røros in the north and Rendalen in the west, we also have two border crossings to Sweden in the east. Find your way on or on googlemaps.

The buses that run to Engerdal are Inlandstrafikk, Trønderbilene. Press here to see timetables or on

Just 1,5 hours from Engerdal, you will find Scandinavian Mountains Airport. It is located in Sälen. Go to their site and find the flight that suits your trip to Engerdal. Press here

MS Fæmund ll traffics Femund every day throughout the summer. Press here to see the timetable.


Engerdal municipality has its own emergency room, which is operated by doctors employed by the municipality. In addition, we are involved in inter-municipal cooperation with Trysil municipality regarding ambulance services and KAD (Municipal acute day care unit).

National number 116117 is used for acute illness and injury.

113 is used in emergency situations.

Press here for the Mountain Code.

Laws and regulations

Outdoor Activities Act (Outdoor Activities Act)
Read here

Regulations on snowmobile trails, Engerdal municipality, Innlandet
Read here

Motor vehicle
Regulations on driving a motor vehicle in the terrain and on roads not open to general traffic.

Act on Hunting and Catching Game (Game Act)
Read here

In Norway, there is a general bonfire ban from 15 April to 15 September. During this period, it is forbidden to light fires and barbecues (including disposable barbecues) in or near forests and other outlying areas.

Read here

Femundsmarka National Park
Read here

Gutulia national couplek
Read here

Packing list

The packing list varies depending on the trip and the season.

Press here to view the guide.


To summarize, you can hunt and trap according to the Game Act and the Reindeer Management Act, as well as fish according to the Inland Fisheries Act, in all protected areas in Engerdal with the following exceptions:

Reindeer Herding Actn

Femundsmarka National Park - no fishing gear allowed, only hunting.
Gutulia National Park - only permission to hunt moose, other hunting and trapping is prohibited.
Kvisleflået and Hovdroa Nature Reserve - hunting of ducks, swans, geese and waders is prohibited.
Galtsjøen Nature Reserve - only allowed to hunt deer.

Se Engerdal Fjellstyre's website for updated rules, hunting licenses and information.

Universal Design

The environment can make great demands on mobility, perception, ability to orient, sight, hearing, reading skills and competence in various areas. The number of elderly people is increasing. Reduced functional ability often accompanies increased age. 

In the course of a lifetime, most of us may experience a functional impairment, either by having to use crutches for a period or having reduced hearing. The aim of universal design is to make society easier to navigate and move around for as many people as possible. 

To manage oneself and to take an active part in society is seen by the vast majority as an important good. It is a human right to participate in society. Universal design is one way to achieve this. Read more

Feel free to visit the Tourist Office in the center of Engerdal for a pleasant chat, good travel tips and more information about Femund Engerdal.
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