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Explore the places in Femund Engerdal. There are many different accommodations, places to eat, national parks and activities ready for you to experience.

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Adventurous Winter Activities

We have exciting activities for you and the whole family all year round in Femund Engerdal. Further down the page you can choose to see all our popular activities in the winter season. 


Get out into the wilderness and up to the peaks by scooter. Explore 180 km of snowmobile trails.


The mountains in Sømådalen have many easy summit hikes, with great descents particularly suitable for those who are new to summit hiking.

Ice Fishing

Park right next to the fishing water or drive a snowmobile right up to the water along the scooter trails.

Cross-country skiing

Femund Engerdal offers good skiing conditions in a number of groomed slopes and illuminated slopes.

Feminist race 2024

The Femund race is known as the world's largest and one of the toughest dog races. The drivers compete day and night through a harsh landscape where they can expect all kinds of weather. The race is a nerve-wracking spectator sport, and you can follow the drivers and dog teams both from the starting line in Røros, along the way at all checkpoints and via live streaming.

Here is everything you need to know about the race and not least an explanation of terms such as musher, handler, RNB and other words and expressions that enable you to speak like one in the game.

650 kilometers through eight municipalities
The dog sled race is one of the highlights of the year in Røros and in Østerdalen. In the days from 1 to 6 February, the region is filled with canine glam, barking dogs and daring women and men fighting through wild nature. The participants compete in several classes, where the longest route is 650 kilometers with up to 12 dogs.

The route goes through seven municipalities, Trysil, Os, Rendalen, Tolga, Engerdal, Tynset and Røros, and along the way the participants will visit seven checkpoints.

It happens at the checkpoints
The race starts in the middle of the historic mountain town of Røros as an arena on 8 February and already the evening before you are welcome at the opening ceremony. During the checkpoints, the speaker keeps the audience up to date and ensures a good atmosphere. The checkpoints have various activities, dancing and entertainment, seating areas with bonfires and the sale of good food and drink. Here are the seven checkpoints:

Checkpoint Tufsingdalen is located in Os municipality and is run by the organization Medvandrerne in collaboration Tufsingdalen Samfunnshus.


Checkpoint Elgå is the checkpoint for F650. Elgå is located far to the north in Engerdal municipality, where the road on the east side of Femunden ends, and where the wilderness adventure in Femundsmarka begins. 

Shop, accommodation, dining

the checkpoint is at the community center Fjellvang with the ski stadium as an outdoor arena.

The participants can choose whether they want to take a mandatory six-hour rest here or at Drevsjø.

The Søvollen checkpoint is located in the north of Rendalen municipality.  

The wilderness checkpoint is run by students and teachers at Tynset Ungdomsskole, as part of the outdoor life elective. Not far from the checkpoint you will find Camp Tynsetingen with activities for the whole family.

Checkpoint Orkelbogen is a small adventure inside the mountain at 736 meters above sea level. The checkpoint is surrounded by ramshackle log houses, birch forests and gentle mountains, a place that provides memories you won't soon forget. 

Checkpoint Tolga is the last checkpoint before the drivers head to the finish line in Røros. There is a XNUMX-hour restaurant here for the duration of the race.  

Finish line
Folk festival at Arena Malmplassen in Røros with activities. 

The participants compete in four classes
Femundløpet is the world's largest dog race measured by the number of participants. Up to 160 crews will start in four different classes.

Femund FJr is a 6-team class, and at least four must be in the finish line.

Femund 450 and Femund 200 are 8-team classes, and consist of no more than 8 dogs and at least 6 dogs at the start. When crossing the finish line, the team must consist of at least 5 dogs. Dogs in the sled are counted in the team.

Femund 650 is a 12-team class, and consists of no more than 12 dogs and at least 9 dogs at the start. When crossing the finish line, the team must consist of at least 6 dogs. Dogs in the sled are counted in the team.

Read the entire program for Femundløpet here

Accommodation in the area

Do you want to spend the night at the top of a tree, in a tent or hammock? We offer many different types of accommodation in Femund Engerdal that are suitable for everyone. Select a category below to explore our options.

Camping and glamping in nature
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Important information for the area

To truly experience an unforgettable trip in Femund Engerdal, we recommend reading our useful information on everything from laws and regulations to transport options. Tap an icon below or choose to see all.

Femund Engerdal magazine 2023

Here you can enjoy this year's magazine. The magazine gives you a taste of some of what you can experience in Femund Engerdal

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Local food service

Taste Norway's best Sikkaviar from Femundmat.

Caviar from Femundsmat was voted Norway's best processed seafood product in 2021. The secret is the clean, cold water. That's why both whitefish and whitefish caviar taste absolutely delicious in Femund Engerdal.

Enjoy home-cooked food and good drinks. You will find local products at our restaurants, as well as in our local shops.


Femund Engerdal is full of small and large events all year round. Here you will find something for every taste.

Follow our calendar. Remember to book your ticket in advance, where possible.

Summer activities

Do you want to plan the upcoming summer season? See the most popular summer activities in Femund Engerdal.

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