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Femund - Engerdal is a paradise for hikers. A unique terrain, says many. Throughout the municipality you will find dotted trails, farm roads and forest roads that are easy to walk and provides diverse experiences. Other routes are more demanding. The highest peak in Engerdal is Elgåhogna with 1,460 yards. All of Engerdal is covered by Uglands maps series. Femund North, Femund South and Engerdal-Femundselva.



The calm mountains surrounding the valleys make the hikes to a scenic experience. From Sølenstua you can climb the mighty mountain Sølenfjellet in Rendal municipality. In Femundsmarka there are many DNT-marked routes. Are you arriving with Fæmund II are both Revlingen, Haugen, Røa and Sylen nice places to start the hike in the national park.



Svukuriset is a service DNT hut which is open at Easter and during the summer. Røvollen is unattended. Private houses and farms offer accommodation and food in Elgå, Sylen, Valdalen and Haugen in Engerdal, also Langen at the north end of Femund and the Swedish Grøvelsjøen. In the forest there are several small huts where you can picnic and camp. They are very spartan decorated (fireplace and bed bunks) and is equipped with usage rules.



The area south from Engerdal Østfjell is a great area for hiking both in summer and winter, with peaceful plains, lakes, ponds and streams and several peaks for the fit. You can start from Engerdal Østfjell or from any of the farms farther south. Look at the map, then you surely will find a trip to suit you and yours, with or without a fishing rod.



10 peaks diploma

Anyone who climbs at least eight of our diploma peaks will receive a diploma.
All these routes are marked with the sign starting point. At the tourist office and accommodation, you get a diploma card that you note the dates on.
Bring hiking shoes and enjoy the mountains and the view - Diploma waiting!

Here are the peaks;

Store Svukku- 1416 MASL

GPS-coordinates, N: 6905940 E: 347157 UTM zone: 33

Approx.. 2,5 hour drive from Svukuriset

The trip can be combined with an overnight stay in Svukuriset and the passenger ferry Fæmund II

Elgåhogna- 1460 MALS

GPS- coordinates, N: 6894277 E: 347012 UTM zone: 33
Engerdal's highest peak. 3,5 hours from Dalset on the road to Elgå

Gloføkkampen- 1326 MALS

GPS- coordinates, N: 6889825 E: 633594 UTM zone: 32

Start from Johnsgård Turistsenter, 2 hours to the top.

Sorkvola- 1012 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6879625 E: 344620 UTM zone: 33
Start from Tolgevollen seter, approx. 2 hours.

Storhøa- 1139 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6843933 E: 653175 UTM zone: 32
About 2,5 hours from Kansbekken, Heggeriset north/west or Gnollsetra

Kvitvola- 1153 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6853322 E: 650427 UTM zone: 32
1,5 hours easy trip from Veundåsen farmroad.

Svarthammeren-1141 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6853043 E: 343615 UTM zone: 33
1,5 hour from Engerdal Østfjell

Østerhogna-1185 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6846741 E: 348592 UTM zone: 33
Near the national border. 3 hour drive from Lisetra or 2 hours fra Nysetra.
An all day trip Nysetra -Rødalen - Østerhogna - Hognsjøen - Nysetra.

A day filled with great nature.

Galtåsen-980 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6864280 E: 648251 UTM zone: 32
2 hours from Galten, what a view !

The trip can en with a nice dinner at Galten Gård.

Vardfjellet-958 MALS

GPS-coordinates, N: 6862083 E: 651314 UTM zone: 32
About 1 hour from Gløtvola.

PS: For these peaks there are toll road:

> Kvitvola
> Østerhogna
> Storhøa
> Svarthammeren (if you start by Hovden)