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National Parks

Gutulia National Park

Gutulia National Park
It was established in 1968 and expanded in 2004 and is now 23 km2. The national park is located east of Engerdal Municipality between Gutulisjøen and the Swedish border. In the primeval forest grows over 300 years old firs and almost 500 years old pine trees.

In Gutulia the forest is allowed to grow freely, and scientists to study the generations of trees. For 200 years up to 1949 there were mountain farms operating in Gutulia. The buildings are protected and restored. The cabin on the farm is open for free use and accommodation. The national park is located at the signed road, 3 km east from the provincial road 654. Gutulisetra is Universally designed with accessible trail and outhouse. It is also possible to take a boat across the lake. Contact Destination Femund Engerdal for more info.

Read more about Gutulia at Miljødirektoratet.


Femundsmarka National Park

Femundsmarka National Park was created in 1971 and expanded in 2003. Femundsmarka is located north east of the municipality, between Femund and the Swedish border. The national park has now been extended both north and south. 
Femundsmarka with its gently sloping plains and numerous lakes offer an experience of peace, calm and tranquility. The area has its distinctive wilderness area with pine forests, boulder fields, bare rock and water. 
This is a paradise for hikers and fishermen. With fishing rods, and tents you can follow the countless waters in the forest. Fishing luck can not be bought, but with cultivated patience and knowledge of the area you will get far.

Read more about Femundsmarka here: Miljødirektoratet
The area has trails by DNT. Svukuriset

To get into the site you can select multiple output point, MS Fæmund II is a natural "way" into the area.

Nature resurves
Kvisleflået Nature Resurve
Kvisleflået Nature Resurve was expanded in 2005 and is now 56,8 km2, and is located south of Kvilten (Drevsjø). To get to the resurve you can take Highway 25 along Kvilten and then Lortsetervegen or Østveien to the reserve. In this wetland, you will find distinctive landscapes, lush vegetation and abundant wildlife.

Galtsjøen Nature Reserve
Galtsjøen Nature Reserve is 5 km2 and located by Isterfossen and going south along highway 217 around Galthåen and Galtsjøen. This is an important wetland area with a particularly rich bird life.
Bjørkodden Nature Reserve
Located on the west side of Femund in Kvenvika west of Storholmen against small Kvennvikhøgda. The reserve was created in 2005.

Bjørnberga and Istern Nature Reserve
Located between Femund and Istern from Slaggtjønna in the north to the south Gløta. The reserve was created in 2005 and is 88,500 acres.

Volaberget and Kvemskjølen Nature Reserve
The nature reserve includes Volaberget and Kvemskjølen. Bordering Brattmyråsen and Vorda in the south, in the east it goes down to Halvorsjø. The reserve was created in 2005 and is 16,200 ha.
Grøvelsjøen Nature Reserve
The area is located around the farms Ryvang and Sylen. Grøvelsjøen nature reserve was established in 2005 and covers an area of 13.6 km2. 
There is a passenger boat in the route of Grøvelsjøen between Sjøstugan and Sylen at summertime.
Femudslia landscape protection area
Located between Femund and Femundsmarka National Park. The area is approximately 40 km2 and affects both Engerdal and Røros municipality. The purpose of the creation is to preserve the unique natural landscape.

Accommodation in Femundsmarka


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