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Blokkodden Villmarksmuseum


Blokkodden Wildlife Museum is located at Highway 26, just south of Drevsjø in Engerdal. Blokkodden Wildlife Museum is a outdoor museum that shows Norwegian and Sami use of moors in Engerdal. The museum shows how people lived, worked and survived in the moors from the 1600s to the present day.

Buildings and objects from the South Sami culture, forestry, hunting and fishing are included in museum collections. Engerdal is the only municipality in Hedmark, and the southernmost municipality in Norway, with a Sami population and living Sami tradition. The museum displays a complete Southern Sami winter settlement. 

Visitor information during summer season: 
Blokkodden Wildlife Museum is open every summer from June to August. 
Activity days with different themes. Among these are our regular features like Sami day and forestry day.
For days without special activities at the museum, we offer tours of the area for all visitors in the ordinary  opening hours. The tour is included in the ticket price. 
In the information you will find ticket sales and sales of locally produced fish burgers, and reindeer sausage, waffles, cakes, ice cream, different coffees, teas and soft drinks, local literature and various locally produced goods from Engerdal. There is also our Sami photo and artifact exhibit.


Femundsmarka National Park Center

Femundsmarka National Park Centre, department Elgå is located at the southern gateway to Femundsmarka National Park. The center opened in the summer of 2005, a new great building which hosts exhibitions and information about the national park and Gutulia National Park. The center is suitable for all those who want to get information about national parks before you head out or generally want to know a little about the background of the great outdoors you will find in the area.

Femundshytten -UNESCOS World Heritage


UNESCOS World Heritage 


In July 2010 Femundshytten joined the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Røros World Heritage Site was expanded to include the Circumference. This was an area around Røros mining town Røros Copper Works was granted by King Christian 4 to ensure plant availability of raw materials and labor. Femundshytten was part of Røros Copper Works, showing the importance of communities / people and natural resources around Røros was to ensure the operation of the smelter there.

Femundshytten was a small smelter in line with several smaller cabins. It was cheaper / less work to transport some of the ore in the districts where the forest was and "gross melt" it there. If all coal and wood were transported to Røros, there had been several times the load who had to run with horses. Femundshytten is unique among these cabins because it was out in the wilderness far away from settlements and roads, but with the natural resources needed for fusion.

Vestre Sorken Feriegård  - Hans Sorken Museum

On historic ground!
Our family has lived on this farm in Sorken for generations. 
We are pleased that much of its history is to find in the farm museum. Many ancient artifacts from the farm can be found here. 
It is included free tour of the museum for all overnight guests!

The museum and cafè 
When you arrive the old farm in Western Sorken, it's like going back centuries in time. During the summer, the museum is open and in the same price you will also get a tour of the rest of the farm. We also have a cafeteria in where it is possible to be served waffles, coffee and juice. But you can also enjoy outside. On request we serve homemade porridge, bread rolls and cakes. We can accommodate 25 people in one room and 50 people in two rooms.

Vestre Sorken Feriegård