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Femund-Engerdal is known for its fishing. On one fishing license you can fish in approx. 900 lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks. A separate fishing guide has been prepared. Here you can see which other fishes found in the different water and State Common Land (and fish card) limits. A lot of the waters only have fish like trout and char, other waters have perch, pike, grayling and whitefish as well. The most attractive fishing areas are: Isteren-Galtsjøen, Femundselva, Røa i Femundsmarka, Elgåområdet, Sømåa og Hognsjøen.

Net fishing is allowed in Femund, Vurrusjøen, Fjellgutusjøen and Engerdals part of Langsjøen.
One must have special licenses for this. 

Private waters with its own license: Isteren, Svalsjøen, Ormutusjøen, Store Hyllsjøen and Sylens private area.

The waters in Femund-Engerdal are ideal for jigging. The most common fish varieties to get during the winter is trout, perch and pike. Ice fishing season usually starts in mid-February and lasts until the ice melts. 

Permits are sold in most tourist enterprises, kiosks, petrol stations and shops in the municipality, as well as the tourist office in Engerdal. You can also purchase licenses directly during the online booking on our website and on Inatur or per SMS!
Fishing with live bait is prohibited! Spread of minnows (Phoxinus phoxinus) can destroy good trout water.

Call Engerdal Fjellstyre: 62 45 91 77


Download Engerdal Fjellstyre's fishing guide here:


900 fishing waters - 1 fishing license